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Tayvallich Shop is a small village store that serves Tayvallich and its surrounding areas. Centred in the heart of the village (and the community), it carries a surprisingly large selection of daily requirements from fresh groceries, dairy, meats, smoked fish, tinned foods, frozen foods and general household products. It also sells freshly baked artisan breads, including sourdough and granaries as well as the more standard bread products. Daily, weekly, and weekend newspapers and magazine are available. The Shop is aware of its environmental responsibilities and, in so far as it can, tries to restrict wastage. We use compostable shopping bags and small boxes instead of plastic, and we try and source our products locally as much as possible.


Our philosophy: “Serve the community first”

Tayvallich village shop storefront Tayvallich Shop is located in the center of our village
A swan walks past Tayvallich Shop Local visitors to Tayvallich include swans, otters, seals, jellyfish, badgers, deer, owls and many more!
Meat and dairy products in Tayvallich Shop A collection of meat and dairy products stocked in the Tayvallich Shop

Our one-stop-shop stocks everything from fruits and vegetables; milk, yoghurt, butter, and cheese; a variety of meat; locally-sourced smoked fish; baking supplies; ice-creams, snacks and drinks; honey, jams, and preserves; frozen and tinned food; newspapers and cards; toys and games for children; cleaning products and toilet paper.
In addition to these items, we love supporting local — check out our newly launched Argyll Food Hub! Through the Argyll Food Hub we stock: Knapdale Artisan Bread; Argyll Coffee Roasters; Wee Isle Dairy; Little Keills Meat; Skipness Smokehouse; Diverse Preserves; Lussa Gin; Kintyre Gin; and Jura Whiskey in our store. Into the future, we're aiming to grow the local food products we stock. Watch this space!

Groceries stocked in Tayvallich Shop Groceries stocked in Tayvallich Shop
Argyll Food Hub local products Local products are available in our store through the Argyll Food Hub
Tayvallich Shop bicycle repair station Outside the shop is our bicycle repair station — free for all to use!

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The village of Tayvallich is a picturesque fishing village situated on the shores of Loch Sween, 20 minutes west of Lochgilphead.

Winter Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 09:30 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 17:30
Saturday and Sunday: 09:30 - 16:00

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Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email: shop@tayvallichenterprises.com

For orders, phone: 01546870364
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